Sleepy Time…

How do you sleep at night??

For me that’s not such a simple question. As someone who has experienced insomnia and who often spends her evenings streaming Netflix until i fall asleep, it’s safe to say i have sometimes struggled to get a decent kip!

As i love my cosmetics and love my sleep i thought i would combine the 2 and see if there were any products that could help me sleep more soundly.

I had heard lots of people raving about Lush’s Sleepy body lotion. So thought why not treat myself?!

I chose a gift set including the Sleepy Body Lotion and Shower gel, and the Twilight Body Spray from Lush. I also purchased the Dr Organic Aromatherapy De-Stress Roll On from Holland & Barrett.


Firstly…The Twilight Body Spray. In the past i have used Lavender pillow sprays which have always helped so thought the Twilight spray may also do the trick. It contains natural Plant extracts of Tonka Bean, Ylang Ylang and Lavender. This combines to a warm, deep & musky aroma. I LOVE IT!! I usually spritz this across my chest, arms and pillows so the smell is all around me as I crash out in my bed. I definitely think the smell makes me feel more relaxed and makes my bed feel like somewhere i really want to stay. Will definitely be re purchasing The Twilight Pillow Spray!


Next….Sleepy Body Lotion. Containing Lavender Flower and Oatmeal. I have been smoothing this silky soft body lotion all over! It is a super soft and non greasy body lotion. The natural aromas are soft, subtle and sweet. It feels fabulous on the skin and i am really enjoying using it. The reviews i had heard have definitely done this product justice, however as i already use a lot of hand creams and body lotions i’m not sure i would be re purchasing this one for my collections…


Finally….The DeStress Aroma Ball Roll On. This is a fantastic product to be used in the evening or any time during the day when feeling a little stressed or anxious. It contains a blend of oils including sweet orange, geranium flower, patchouli, frankincense, sage and jasmine. These scents blended together offer an earthy, sweet and calming smell. It can be rolled over the skin and is particularly effective on pulse point areas like the wrists, neck and temple. I love the smell and how handy it is to use. I feel because of the concentration of oils it is definitely aided me to relax and therefore have a deeper night sleep.

All in all these 3 products are fab!! Definitely worth a purchase if you are wanting a better night sleep. However there are some other techniques you can do to help aid sleeping soundly. Such As:

  • Having a Hot Bath or Shower before bed. Relaxes aching, tense muscles.
  • Reading In Bed rather than watching TV.
  • Mindfulness and Meditation, helps calm the mind and clear noisy thoughts.


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