Spring Cleaning

I have so many makeup brushes it’s hard to keep track of them all. But today while the sun was shining I was feeling the motivation to get them all organised and give them a good clean.

While half of them were all set on the shelf I had a bag of brushes ready to be cleaned.


Keeping your makeup brushes clean is soooooo important. Using a dirty brush can lead to bad skin and even worse makeup. Your makeup will look far more flawless if you keep your brushes clean.

And, it is so simple to keep on top off. For pros make sure you clean your brushes with sanitising wipes after each client then give them a proper wash at the end of your working day. If you are a makeup lover using your brushes for your own makeup then a clean once a week will keep them looking and feeling fresh. Which means, better skin and more flawless makeup!!

I would recommend using a gentle shampoo to clean your brushes. Dip the bristles of your brush into some warm water use a small pea sized amount of shampoo and brush it around the palm of your hand. Dip and repeat until the water runs clean.

Make sure not to fully submerge your brushes as this can affect the glue and loosen the hairs. Also make sure to lay your brushes flat until dry as this can always wear away the glue meaning your makeup brushes will start losing hairs.


Anyway, now my brushes are super clean and fresh it’s time to enjoy the summer sunshine and plan my summer beauty looks.

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