Bad Hair Days…

So, my hair is naturally thick and wavy. To wash and blow dry it takes me a solid hour and it still ends up a frizzy mess which triples in volume with the heat.


I tend to cheat my way to sleek, smooth hair. Using styling products and straighteners.

Today I used my Aussie Miracle Recharge Take the Heat leave in Conditioning Spray. I use this product when my hair is wet too but in this case sprayed it on to dry hair before straightening. It smells gorgeous and is light weight on my hair. Helps to protect hair from heat damage while using my GHD Straighteners.


Next step is to add a little volume back into my roots. For this I used my favourite Batiste Dry Shampoo spraying it on a section of my roots at a time from approx. 20cms away. I always let it settle for a few minutes first then brush through my roots with my paddle brush.

The Result – – Straight, Soft, Tamed Mane!!

I no longer look like cave woman, I have returned to civilisation.


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