Makeup and Me

For over half my life I have been in love with makeup.

I remember receiving a small makeup kit for Christmas when I was around 12years old and spending hours every night practicing different makeup looks with all kinds of crazy colours.

Not necessarily because I thought it made me look beautiful, but because to me it was a creative outlet. I could be expressive and artistic. I remember using gold and blue eye shadow to define my eyes, thinking how awesome the colours looked together.

It is safe to say my make up skills have come a long way since then.

When I was working in my first cosmetics job and studying art and design at Manchester Metropolitan University I found out about a course that would combine my love of the creative arts and makeup.

So the next year I started studying at London College of Fashion. My course there was a makeup and hair course but with an art background. From creating outfits out of recycled material to taking inspiration from world famous pieces of art to create new makeup designs.

I gained experience working on fashion shows, photo shoots whilst developing my own artistic skills.

Since my time at university I have worked for premium skincare and makeup brands. It is during this time that I have truly experienced the power of makeup.

Make up can change the way you feel about yourself. About how good or bad a day your are having. Makeup can bring you joy. Make up can make you feel confident. It’s transformative power is never ending. You can become someone else entirely, or become closer to your truer self.

So my love affair with make up continues and I aim to help others Feel Fabulous and Look Flawless with my expertise and experience.

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